Journal: Provision. The Journal Entry Will Provide The

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Journal: Provision
The journal entry will provide the weekly entries of week seven and eight, along with how leaders influence their work environments. Also, considering the protection, assessments, and academic learning experiences. The promotion of my personal leadership ways to provide and protect and honor in my work environment. Also, the reflection on the ‘Issue of headship’ video.
Week Seven (Total 9 Hours)
During this week, there was a recap of the previous weeks, meaning that we had follow-up meetings that Pam and I did together; and the follow-up meetings that I broke off into for experiences in other departments. The meetings that were followed up on was to check for any progress or completions of the pilot programs being
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The number one problem was the noise. The noise levels were not so much the staff but in the shared rooms the neighbor with their television. The idea was presented that there need to be two televisions in one room; they are currently sharing a television now. The idea if implemented will allow then for earphones to be used so this is not disturbing to the neighbor or the floor with those that are hard of hearing. The idea will need to be presented to the board for further review, per Kristine the CNO, and a follow-up will be given by the end of this month.
The next issue was falls; there was an issue of fall that occurred in the intensive care unit and was a suspicious fall, because all things were in place and this is being investigated as a “fake fall,” and the patient is being interviewed. The next issue was some sepsis occurrences; this one was a huge issue this week. There was reported 19 activations for a sepsis alerts, and out of the 19, there were six severe ones. The questions were based on physician failures to have the sepsis team called and their lack of documentation within the six-hour time frame established by Medicare. The last topic of discussion was the new forms of pumps that were bought, the program inside the pump for Lasix drips was overdosing the patients and causing significant issues.
The risk management team and the board will be gathering to discuss this with the vendor/manufacturer for this event that has
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