Journal Review of a Guide to Taking a Patient's History Essay

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Introduction “A guide to taking a patient’s history,” is an article published in Nursing Standard in December 2007, written by Hillary Lloyd and Stephen Craig. The article provides an overview of the process involved in taking a patient history including factors such as; the environment, importance of following a logical order when taking the history, and communication skills. Summary of Article This article focused on the importance of taking a comprehensive health history and pointed out that this task is increasingly being undertaken by nurses. The article proposed that taking a logical, systematic approach when taking a patient’s health history allows for the most comprehensive collection of information. The article…show more content…
constant and the frequency which it occurs ( Lloyd & Craig, 2007, p.44). Further questions can be asked about specific body system/ systems utilizing a list of cardinal questions specific to that system. The article cautioned not to concentrate solely on a diagnosis, rather to focus on the symptoms being presented to avoid overlooking information. The patient history should be taken in a logical sequence, beginning with the present complaint and then proceeding to the patients past medical history. Past medical history provides important background information and should include diagnosis, dates, sequence and management of any health problems. Mental health is then addressed which is important, in that, it helps to identify coping strategies the patient may utilize. Additionally, it can help identify any current or past psychiatric issues. A medication history is then taken and allergies are identified. The article highlighted the need to ask specifically about over the counter medications as well as herbal remedies, as some patients may only think to mention medications that have been prescribed by a healthcare provider. Family history is then addressed which is important as it can provide a history of disease in family members, this helps to identify increased risk for patients

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