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08 january 2016 (week 1)
On the first day of community service class, Lecture explain about community service cause syllabus to improve knowledge student. Beside, lecture also play a videos community service which is to explain about definition of this subject. In the videos, we learn the concept on community service such as what we doing. We feel very happy because in this subject learn about unity which is work together to make people satisfy such as fell happy and enjoyable in real life.
15 january 2016 (week 2)
Second class, we are learning concept and ideas about volunteering. We think volunteering is something that someone to doing something for themselves. What we learn after lecture explain is volunteering is an activity or
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On this day we decided to continue of proposal on Monday 29 february 2016 because we need a lot of time to discus proposal so that our proposal will running smoothly. What we think here is we agree to get some extra classes to correct our project proposal that already choose make it improve such as the activities and duty of working committees. What we gain have is we need to do it together so that we can share information and give our opinions on the activities.
29 february 2016 (week 8)
On Monday, we are not having any classes. We go to college to discuss about our project paper. What my team member expected on this day, lecture talk a lot about the activities of the project . we can feel that our lecture wants our project run smoothly and don’t want us make orphans happy and enjoy when we do the activities such as games singing, painting, and else. In this lesson, we learn about must stick together and not just satisfy our self and also must satisfy other.

04 march 2016 (week9)
We feel calm on this day because we manage to collect money with amount RM1870. We discuss about how we manage the budget to make our budget balance debit and credit. The all donation we get from students, lectures, parents, staff of college, and other parties. What we expected here is we can divide money in right and logic manner. In all the project proposal the budget will be the important part to run all the programmes and we can start to
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