Journal : The Iroquois Creation Story

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Journal: The Iroquois Creation Story The Iroquois Creation Story, like other creation tales, signifies the struggle between that which is good and that which is evil. The tale illustrates the conflict between the twins, Enigorio, the good mind, and Enigonhahetgea, the bad mind. Additionally, The Iroquois Creation Story relies on the notion that humanity was birthed from a woman. As a Westerner, it is natural to compare any creation story to that which is familiar and most often the creation story found in one’s respective sacred texts. When comparing the Iroquois Creation Story to the creation story found in Genesis, the first book of the Holy Bible, similarities are abound. Perhaps the most obvious similarity is the committing of and consequences for sin. The initial sin that divided the lower world and upper world is not outlined in The Iroquois Creation Story. However, because of this division the content of the two worlds are comprised of contrasting elements. The text states that the “[t]he lower world was in great darkness; - the possession of the great monster; but the upper world was inhabited by mankind” (21). This is similar to the division between Earth and Hell. The consequences for sin as it relates to child bearing can be found in The Iroquois Creation Story and in Genesis. In Iroquois Creation Story, the text states that “[t]he woman was in a painful condition during the time of their disputes” (22). Similarly, Eve’s curse is relegated to her womb in

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