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The intent of this evaluation of Langer’s (2002) article is to find the schemes he employed to acquire knowledge on how adult’s student respond to demand computer class, reflect critically, in summation, the contrast between non-traditional and traditional students about the use of deviations journals in the field. The focal point of the study casts light on the strength and weaknesses portrayed in his report on the use of journaling among traditional and non-conventual students (Langer, 2002). The construction of this subject will produce five major elements starting with the research questions and purpose. The second factor is the theoretical/conceptual foundation, followed by the method, solutions, and ending with the
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338). From these two sentences, the reader undoubtedly understands the review of literature is reflecting on the utilization of learning journal purpose.
Langer (2002) continues with proper context for reviewing different publications. The article has a flow and a remarkable transition from a definition to another. For instance, based on a system of ideas or literature descriptions vary from theoretical enunciation as in “John Dewey and Jurgen Habermas (1993) with the product of practice based on viewpoints, while Schön sees it as research-in-action” (as cited in Langer, 2003, p. 338).
In the literature review section, Langer, (2002) introduces a clear summary and perspectives of other authors about journals as learning instruments. For instance, in the second paragraph, the third sentence on page 338, in the concept of reflection in learning, producing the proper learning atmosphere is the educational task (Langer, 2002). In other words, Abbas and Gilmer (1997, as cited in Langer, 2002) regardless of the course, students extend their awareness by keeping a diary (p. 338). The analysis of relevant literature forms the groundwork of the survey; the value that journals bring in understanding, the learning process, and the process of changing from principle to performance (Langer, 2002, p. 339). In this case, journal usage by instructors, improves cognitive development in the of science,

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