Journaling Reflection

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1. The first resources that I’ve learned from this course are using the multiple job websites online, we’ve had excellent communication between classmates on how we can benefit from using these sites out and look for specific jobs in our area. This will assist in work as a counselor because it will help in my networking about the city I currently work in and learning about how to make my resume stick out. The second fact that I’ve learned in this course is finding balance in your life so that you can go through the stay focused, during the semester, we had the good discussion about a thing in our life that we enjoy. This all comes down to balance and taking care of ourselves so that we can stay sharp overall. The third fact that I took away from the cause is the process of helping at the veterans in our community; we talked in this course about resources in our society that will assist people that have served in the way. Certain things like VA hospitals and helping them deal with their past trauma. The fourth resource that I took away from this course is learning about the multiple career counseling theories; this will assist in my communication and helping with my client as it relates to their future goals. The fourth fact that I learned from this course is the importance of self-care and making sure every day you are taking good care of yourself to function adequately in general. The fifth fact I took away from this course is how journaling is vital when it comes to
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