Journalism : An Objective And Ethical Way

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Journalism is defined as the activity of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information. (American Press Institute) It is the process of finding out what is going to be important to the general public and presenting that information in an unbiased and ethical way. The number of journalists in 2014 was 54, 400. Journalism could be described as the office job for people who don’t want to work in an office. Reporters are in constant motion and they report on a variety of topics every day. A career in journalism is often a thankless and low paying job. The people who choose this job must have a passion for writing and informing the public. To further analyze a career in journalism, look at the steps to becoming one, the different types of journalism, and the qualities a journalist needs to become successful. There are a lot of steps to complete in the process of becoming a journalist. Many people begin preparing for a career in journalism by going to an accredited college. But taking as many English and government classes in high school is a good way to prepare for are more rigorous curriculum in college. Most people major in journalism, English, or political science when they decide they want to become a journalist. Some examples of classes taken for a journalism major are “Journalism in Society” and “Journalism Ethics”. (New York University) A lot of classes a journalism major takes depends on the type of journalism they wish to work on. For example,
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