Journey Into Dyslexia

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Kaitlynn McEwen
Sept 28,2015 Journey into Dyslexia When one hears the word dyslexia one may find them a slow learner or stupid. Students with dyslexia can go through their whole academic life not knowing they have it. Throughout students’ academic life they are taught one way to learn. It’s crazy to think one out of every ten students will deal with dyslexia. When one labels someone with dyslexia as stupid, one may feel misunderstood. I can relate with students that have dyslexia, I hate how I felt being called different or how I don’t learn correctly like other people.

When having a student with dyslexia it is hard to identify them. One of the problems, teachers can’t identify students with dyslexia but are not aware of signs that can intertwine through their
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Many students who have dyslexia don’t get the help until they are older or when they realize they have it until they get the help they need. Then realizing when student has one it takes a lot for children to catch up to get back on the grade level with their peers and it takes the right material make sure they are learning what they need to learn. When you don’t have the proper materials to help dyslexics it can hurt the parents also. One the parents may not know of the proper resources to help or they couldn’t get them. The longer the student is being ignored and not getting the proper help. When the teacher waits for the student to get help the longer they don’t understand. A great example would be the professor in the beginning of the video. He is thirty years old and still reads at a middle school level. For a student to wait longer to not get the proper help can hurt them in the long run to learn or be on the right level of learning. Another reason why can hurt them is not one dyslexic the same and you can think every dyslexic learns the
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