Journey Leadership Development Program and NAVAIR Leadership Development Program: The Orlando Agency

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Leadership Talent Reviews

BUSI 526: Human Resource Management & Theory

March 1, 2012

Table of Contents

Introduction to Leadership Talent Reviews 1

The Role of the Human Resource Department 1

The Orlando Agency 1 The Journey Leadership Development Program 2 NAVAIR Leadership Development Program 2 iMentor Program 4

Current Trends in Leadership Talent Reviews 4
Leadership Talent Review Process Overview 5
Establishing the Leadership Talent Review Board 5
The Review of Employees 7
Leadership Development 8
Succession Planning 9

Conclusion 10

Recommendations 10

References 11

Introduction to Leadership Talent Reviews
An organization is like a living
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As a core value of this organization, continuous process improvement is a leadership responsibility at every level in NAVAIR. That’s why, in the CPI track, participants will work side-by-side with master black belts on high-profile projects our senior leaders choose and fully support. Along the way, you’ll earn your own black belt certification. For leading and managing complex teams, the NLDP’s Management Leadership track focuses on executive core qualifications (ECQs) and extended rotational assignments, as well as Project Sponsor or Green Belt training.
Each program has both CPI and leadership training components. Participants are committed to learning a broad range of leadership, management, and productivity improvement skills. Both tracks share common Leadership Development courses. Both program components also require each person to have a formal mentor to offer career advice and guidance along the way. This program does not guarantee promotions, awards, or bonuses.” (Commander Naval Air Systems Command, 2009) The Management Leadership Track takes three to five years to complete (part time). The Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Leadership Track takes two to three years to complete (full time). The Headquarters Command in Patuxent River, Maryland that the Orlando agency reports to, reviews all the applications and makes a determination as to who is accepted into the program. The NLDP selection board convenes annually at the headquarters

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