Journey Of A Woman From All India Women 's Conference

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Journey of a woman from All India Women’s Conference to International Council of Women The difference between a man and woman arises when they are socially labeled as male and female ,thereby attaching characteristics of masculine and feminine to it.As Simone de Beauvoir says, ‘One is not born but rather becomes a woman.’ Women are always put at the lower level on the table of social,political or economic hierarchy. So the fatherhood is a sociological fiction and motherhood is just a biological fact.Some of the feminists have argued that the word ‘woman’ itself includes the word ‘man’ which deprives the women to have their own identities exclusive of men.Also Maya Angelou has quoted,“How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!” Like all other social groups,women have also organized themselves within groups equipped with their agenda and ideologies in order to upgrade their position in all aspects of life.Though their have been many instances where individual groups could not bring about a change and the strong structure of patriarchy crushed them in-order to make it adjustable to the prevalent arrangements.It is in the modern times that provided the space for fee play of women protest aligning with other groups to alternate the arrangements.This flame of oppression turned into a fire when different groups of women from different parts of the world protest against it.When there was a whole gamut of pressure from different women-groups,the

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