Journey Of The West Is A Chinese Novel By China And Taiwan 's Education System

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Journey to the West is a Chinese novel published in the 16th century that tells a story of Xuanzang or Tripitaka’s journey to retrieve original Buddhist sutras for China. The influence of Journey to the West has become insurmountable in Asian cultures and has managed to help both Taoism and Buddhism to surge in popularity and stay relevant today. Being one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature, Journey to the West has been successfully adapted into various forms of media and is often a required read in both China and Taiwan’s education system. What makes Journey to the West stand out and emerge as the most popular literature out of the four is due to the main character, Sun Wukong or the Monkey King’s immense cultural…show more content…
At one point, Sun Wukong even single-handedly defeats the Army of Heaven’s 10,000 celestial warriors, proving that he is a warrior of the same caliber as Heaven’s general, Erlang Shen. Unfortunately, Sun Wukong’s misconducts had to be punished, and the Buddha imprisons Sun Wukong under his palm for more than 500 years. He is eventually set free by the Bodhisattva, Guanyin to help Xuan Zang travel to the west safely and retrieve the Buddhist sutras.
Sun Wukong’s popularity lies in his eccentric personality, his super powers, and his embodiment of various religious influences. For example, Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and others have almost an unbreakable bond in the teachings of Confucius. The governmental system, their education system, as well as these countries’ societal culture all emphasize on the teachings of filial piety. Conversely, Sun Wukong’s early life is the perfect opposition of Confucius’ teachings when he wreaks havoc in the Heavenly Kingdom. Notably, his entire character’s early life is the embodiment of anarchism which supports the idea of Taoism as Sun Wukong personifies the opposition force that is responsible for correcting the world’s negativity. His wrong-doings in the Heavenly Kingdom has obvious damage and repercussions. However, it is due to his wrong-doings, the Jade Emperor realizes his army’s weakness and has taken actions to repair those flaws. Additionally, Sun Wukong’s signature golden staff

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