Journey Symbolism in Literature

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Wk 3 Assignment ENG125

Assignment week3 ENG125 AU 2011
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This analysis will critically analyze the symbolism of journey-and its literary importance- between “The Road Not Taken” and “I Used to Live Here”. This critical paper chose to write itself upon symbolism’s journeys within literature. The tales chose are from “I used to Live Here” (Rhys) as well as “The Road Not Taken” (Frost). The choice in comparative analysis is due to how they both swim in a sea of metaphorical symbolism. The similarity is that both authors use the symbolisms in their literature. That’s where main similarities end. This researcher will write about how both authors use of symbolism is in different ways.
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The journey is the entire premise or symbol of the short story by Rhys in “I used to Live Here Once”. The symbol of one woman’s journey in her progressive acceptance of life’s major transition. This journey is given subtle imagery hints throughout; from simple things like she finds herself on one side of a river then realizes she is on the opposite side of the river , along with how rocks which were once slippery and treacherous now she finds, cause her no more difficulty than a walk in a garden.
Some speculate that the journey into death is the premise of journey symbolized in this short story. Taken then at face value the author also is using it also as simple journey from where the story physically begins to the journey back to the protagonist’s home. The speculation of death is in her destination to the children playing where either of the children does not notice her, then the sudden chill, felt by the children when she reaches out to touch them. The story transitions back and forth from the narrator and the lady which shows some flaws within the author’s Point of View for narration. To start with, a journey one has to make the first step. “She” the main character begins the journey at the brink of a river. Recalling the intricacies, we hear her thought process on memories of countless times crossing the river and lessons learned about the stepping stones with in this river like
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