Journey Through The Paria Canyon

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For the past few months, we had been planning a run through the Paria Canyon. It flows thirty-six miles, snaking through Southern Utah and Northern Arizona, where it merges with the Colorado River at Lee’s Ferry Trailhead. It’s is believed to be the longest slot canyon in the United States, carved by flash floods that tear through the area every summer.

It’s a grueling course that most people backpack in a week. We were planning on attempting it in a day, bound to be met with rattlesnakes, quicksand, hundreds of river crossing and the unsettling possibility of flash floods, we were in for one hell of a trip.

We loaded the truck with all the necessary gear for a trek through the desert and all the elements that make up a family vacation. Amongst that gear, the most precarious was my little
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Trips like these bring me back to a time and place when things were simpler. When all I had to worry about was if I should climb that tree now or if I should do it in five minutes.

As I grow older it's important to me to still live that same lifestyle. Being able to live in the moment and follow my heart. Enjoying the beauties our world has to offer is something that I strive to do, know matter where I am.

It's important to not only appreciate the moments that make me feel alive, but to also appreciate the small things; the things that are often overlooked as not being significant; like the sand between my toes or the lone plant on the canyon floor, spending every last waking breath reaching for the sun.

Even if you don't make it to the Paria canyon, which I highly recommend; it was some of the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring scenery I have ever had the opportunity to explore. You should still set time aside for yourself to experience the moments that make you feel fearful yet fascinated; you should chase the moments that make you feel
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