Journey To America

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I relate the time before flying to America to a dentist’s waiting room: Sitting on an uncomfortable chair while trying to distract myself, nervous of what was about to come. Thus, I totally refuted to talk or even think about the entire experience, and my sole consolation was that I would be back in less than a year, or that I thought. My fear of not being accepted initially held me back, being also afraid of giving up the sense of belonging. Today, after fifteen months living in the states, I can assert that losing part of my identity as Spanish to adapt to the US has been the key element on my self-acceptance. And that is the essence of my journey: Building a flexible personality to be seen as both American and Spanish.
In my first attempt
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I went to sleep very proud that night. Sadly, as soon as my feeling of compliance started rising, it was time to go back home.
Going back was even harder than leaving. Accepting that my relationship with my family and friends had changed was a tough and paradoxical process: their well-intended attempts to make me feel comfortable appeared phony to me, since I was never treated like that before. I don’t blame them; they just wanted me to make me as happy as possible during that exaggeratedly short summer. I must admit that I’m guilty too, since I tried to disguise myself under an excessively mature and independent personality.
Thinking back to the months previous to travelling to the U.S., I realize that my feeling of distress was reasonable, since I had to give up part of what I was, but that is what adapting is all about. Coming to the US has taught me many things, but the most important lesson I have learned is to accept myself. Thus, I have decided to enjoy the advantages of being an international student without forgetting my origins. If I keep a positive mindset, I’m sure the best is yet to
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