Journey to Equality Essays

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Journey to Equality For many centuries African American’s have been treated as if they were lower class citizens and treated as so. It has taken them many years and help from some amazing people to rise above it all. After the many centuries of segregation and ill treatment, African Americans have been able to overcome and have become more respected in society today. This is a wonderful outcome of what is known as the Civil Rights Movement. In 1865, America had many major changes that needed to be made; this period was considered the reconstruction or silver lining, time period. America was in a hard place and needed to make many changes to its many issues that were causing the country to be less than efficient…show more content…
In 1896 the Supreme Court case of Plessy v. Ferguson legalized racism by allowing there to be equal but separate facilities for the whites and blacks. Although this law was passed in order to guarantee that all are treated equal as long as separate, rarely was it actually equal and followed through with the legal support. The 1920’s had brought big changes for the African Americans as they became more unhappy with their life situations they decided to leave the south and head for a better life in the North. This was known as the great migration. As they left their problems in the south they had encountered new problems in the north, such as housing, health care and safe living conditions (Ayers, 2009). As the World War developed African Americans joined the military. They were treated as less than the white soldiers, they were even denied honorable medals such as the Medal of Honor. The soldier groups were separated whites and blacks. The black soldier groups had a white leader. This brought the blacks to take this opportunity to fight for their rights. If they are fighting for our country as the white soldiers were then they should be treated as fairly as them too. They often times disobeyed orders from their white leader in order to prove their points and to show they were going to fight for their rights. This was a big deal because blacks who disobeyed were subject to severe punishments and sometimes even
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