Journeys 8 Mile

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Through the journey, a person can experience exciting, dangerous and challenging situations which creates opportunities for understand themselves as well as their surroundings. However all types of journeys should have an obstacle which must be overcome, and in doing so propels the person to complete the journey. These concepts are explored in Sally Morgan’s novel “My Places” where journey is depicted as a spiritual journey of self-discovery and Curt Hanson’s film “8 Mile” which delves into a white man’s struggles in a musical genre that is dominated by African Americans. In “My Place,” the protagonist’s personal journey was more important than reaching her destination. As the novel progresses further into Sally’s life, she begins to…show more content…
It is only until Jimmy faces off against Papa-Doc that he confronts his past and fears, which enables him to complete his journey and continue on with his life. In conclusion, the idea that the Journey is more important than the destination holds true. In “My Place” this is seen when Sally finally completes her “book”. Although her journey of writing her family history is complete, she feels as though her moments with her family are more treasured. This is seen when Nan falls ill, “She’s our link with the past and she’s going”. Realizing that although her journey of self-discovery was complete, her current life held more importance and using the experience and knowledge gained from her journey she is able to come to terms with her life. This is also evident in 8 Mile, when Jimmy B-Rabbit finally wins the battle thus completing his journey, he realizes that his life is still incomplete and although he is offered a position in “The Shelter”, he reluctantly refuses and instead continues back to his original life. Therefore in both texts it is evident that the Journey is more important than the destination, proving that although the destination of a journey is important in an individual’s life, it is the journey undertaken that holds the true value and shapes us into who we
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