Journey's End by R.C. Sheriff Essay

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Journey's End by R.C. Sheriff

R. C. Sherriff created characters that aid the audience's understanding of war through their emotions and dialogue. Each character generates an intensive atmosphere and prompts differing emotions and thoughts from the audience, expressing different feelings and reactions towards war, which all aggregate to the same thing, the fear that they are all going to die sooner than later.

The play was written to make people contemplate the futility of war.
World war one was a war which lead hundreds of thousands of soldiers to their death. A road where millions met their death, World War One truly was a 'Journey's End'.

The play shows how an economically and socially secure era was coming to an
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"FIND QUOTE of Raleigh’s speech" Their dialogue rambles on as though they are older people looking back on life. The time they have spent there feels like eternity, showing the boredom in trench life because there is nothing to keep them occupied to make the time pass quicker.

The humour provides a light relief in what would be a tragic and horrific play. It allows a balanced view of the war and shows the audience the stupidity and reality of war.

Although a tragedy, the play begins on a humorous note. Captain Hardy is drying a wet sock over a candle, in the conversation he uses flippant humour making it the most amusing speech in the play. "Shot a rat...No. I shot the rat, you ass." (Act1 scene1 pg14) Hardy provides relief to an intensive play and provides background information. Mason's humour is born of ignorance rather than an attempt to be amusing. Unlike Hardy's humour, it is lifeless yet facetious, designed purely to raise a laugh. "Quite nice and lumpy" It is necessary humour to relieve the tension created by Stanhope and

The audience becomes aware of the conditions of the trenches at the beginning of the play. Hardy is drying a wet sock over a candle showing the trenches are cold, wet and damp. He tells the audience that the beds have no bottoms in, resulting in lack of sleep leading to fatigue and exhaustion. There is such a huge health risk due to poor, unsanitary conditions, that there is
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