Jousting Before The Nineteenth Century

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Jousting dates back to the 11th century. Before the real jousting, they had all out melee tournaments where there were no rules or restrictions, and any weapons are allowed. It then became more organized, and you could only attack with three tilts of the lance or three strokes of the sword, and the same for both battle-axe and mace. Before the 14th century, knights tried to kill the opponents, but now they do not.
The more modern jousts began in the 14th century, when many members of nobility wanted a way to show their courage, skill, and strength. Nobles required royal permits to fight and some hired knights to joust for them. Heralds would promote by spreading news of tournaments, singing songs, and writing poems for the jousters. If opposing sides in the war were fighting, knights from each side would seek to face each other for honor off the battlefields. Jousting was a type of duel. When chivalry was introduced,
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The bigger the bribe, the more the judges may rule in your favor. You may fight for the honor of a maiden, and it may not end till a knight is knocked off his horse. Also, a lady may give the knight a favor for defending her. A favor could be anything from a handkerchief to a platinum charm.
One of the most famous jousters was King Richard the Lionheart. He is said to be 6 feet 5 inches tall and had fiery red hair. He also is just as feared a ruler, as a jouster. It is said that only one man has ever unhorsed him. Another famous Jouster was King Henry the 8th. His Jousting career ended early due to head injuries. Research has shown that Jousting may have lead to his quick anger by killing his 6 wives.
In conclusion, Jousting went from a bloody free for all to a gentleman’s sport. Honor and respect were mutual between the Knights. Jousts were a time to show your courage, skill and strength. Jousting is still done today; you could say it’s one of the oldest sports
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