Joy Luck Club Novel vs Movie Essay

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The Joy Luck Club; an intriguing novel and movie about the hardships about being a Chinese

immigrant to America soon after the immigration ban was lifted. A challenging story that forced the

reader to try to understand that certain customs and traditions that were seen as 'usual' can be very

unlike the ones we as Americans are used to. A story where, even though it lacked a lot of violence,

action, or suspense it still was able to grab its readers and viewers.

With a little bit of her own experiences tied into the story, we learn the 'fictional' story of four

Chinese mothers (Lindo Jong, Suyuan Woo, Ying-ying St. Clair, An-Mei Hsu) and their daughters, all

American born (Rose Hsu Jordan, Jing-mei Woo,
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Yet in the morning the servant showed the remains of the candle and it was

still a sealed and locked marriage. But in the movie, for the first time, tells a story that is a little bit

harsher than in the novel.

In the novel Lindo's husband forces her to sleep on the couch instead of in the bed. The movie had

her sleeping on wood floors for the first few days after the marriage until she finally started sleeping in

the bed as if they were brother and sister. This sadly for me was the only segment of the movie that I enjoyed interpreted a little bit differently as it gives you a stronger visual feel to the torment Lindo had

to go through.

After all is said and done however, it is never fair to compare and contrast a movie and a novel even

if they have the same name. Chances are the director of a movie will not be the same person as the

author of a book. You can bet that because every movie almost has to fall in between ninety and one

hundred and twenty minutes, certain things are going to be altered or left out completely. I personally

don't agree with people when they always have to argue that the book was so much better than the

movie. Chances are a book can go into much more detail, without restraints that the movie industry

can enforce. A book that can take a week to read will usually be more in depth and informative than