Joy Luck Club

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Joy Luck Club Plot The eight main characters of the movie all had to contend with different types of conflicts, some such as Waverly's Mother had to endure a type of social conflict from the 1st wife and other concubines, the unjust discrimination of the husband's family, while other characters such as Mei-mei had to endure a life of living under the shadow of Waverly. But each of the characters despite having different types of conflicts be it elemental, physical or psychological, all had to endure one glaringly similar psychological conflict - Each woman had to contend with their own weaker selves, before being able to confront their respective problems, be it an abusive husband or an overbearing mother, each protagonist had to first…show more content…
Rose Consistent in being her husband's Doormat, not having the guts to tell him out for not making her happy. Has no vitality since she is weak and does not sense her own freedom. Realistic in the sense that there are some women who really do not mind being stepped upon. Not motivated in seeking her own identity or voice. Evokes compassion for her sorry state since it is not only her husbands abuse that she has to contend with but her own weakness. Setting The setting which shifts from China during the e1st half of the 20th century and America during the latter half functions as medium to bring about the trials of each Character. Each mother had to tolerate the Chinese culture, the Abuses the setting of pre and post war conservative China established a trend of abuse dictated by a Society that looks down on women. As a rule of thumb Chinese women of this era were reduced to submission. Often these women were brought up thinking that they must serve their husbands, as seen through arranged marriages, wife battery. Chinese superstition also played a major role in the development of the elder protagonists, since the belief in ancestors, curses and bad omens often influenced the lives of the mothers. An example of this is the instance when < Waverly's mother > had to escape a cruel arranged marriage, she duped her in-laws into believing that their ancestors actually
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