Joy Of Being Mindful

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Mindfulness is defined as, paying attention on purpose. Even when we are provided with the clinical definition of mindfulness. A direct result of 'paying attention on purpose' is that a new sense of awareness comes into being. Yet with that awareness it is still a challenge for many of us to accurately apply or understand what to do with the this newly found sense. Let’s look at a very powerful use and example of how we as humans can use mindfulness to move from the cyclical occurrence of love and hate to a higher evolution of joy. Joy is not to be confused with the more temporal state of happiness. Joy, as I am defining it here, is a more harmonious and consistent state and readiness of being. Joy is the ability to maintain a focus on the positive actual occurrence of life and being, as it unfolds moment to moment.…show more content…
Forgiveness is a process. You can not simply wave your hand in the air in the sign of a cross, and suddenly all is forgiven. Once the need for forgiveness in a situation makes itself known, you will note that the action of forgiveness falls down like a set of dominoes: pain, frustration, and trauma run deep. An attempt to forgive one thing or person, often leads to a plethora of unresolved conflict within your mind for many other unjustifiable wrongs that have been committed against you. But the outcome of forgiveness begins and ends with releasing the ego and this overwhelming sense of youness. Like a rip tide, one must surrender and lay in the cosmic energy, the push and pull of the forgiveness process. Fear not that you will be lost in an ocean of rage, when the flow of forgiveness has released, swim diagonally across the tide, to a shore of mental stability and joy. The exercise of forgiveness itself will make you strong. Learn the art of surrender, acceptance, and letting go. This is the first inner-standing of how to
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