Joyce White Interview Paper

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The chosen candidate to be interviewed for this assignment was Joyce White, the Director of Volunteer Services at Mayo Clinic, Florida Campus. She has held that position for eleven years and has thoroughly enjoyed her experience there so far. Before her position as the Director of Volunteer services, she was what was called a Charge Nurse. Today the position is called Team Lead of Nursing Units. Before that she was a stay at home mom and directed volunteer work at a church through the years as it grew. Joyce White studied at Florida State College at Jacksonville and at Jacksonville University for her bachelor’s and her master’s degree. When Joyce White first started her position, she inherited the program from a woman who managed about one hundred active volunteers. Joyce White was told that the volunteer department needed to…show more content…
Joyce White had to be extremely patient with her because she saw that the employee did not understand what the issue was. Then the employee turned sixty, so Joyce White could not terminate her because of Human Resources. Joyce White said that she was no the kind of person to just fire someone because she said if she saw a gleam of hope, she would keep working with him or her. Joyce White kept working with the employee until they decided to retire early. Joyce White’s favorite aspect of her job is engaging and interacting with the volunteers. She loves making rounds every day to visit them. Her least favorite part of her job is when she has to tangle with other departments who do not always listen. For example, a new building will start construction soon in the back of one of the parking lots and that means that there will need to be patient parking close to the building. This will cause volunteer parking to be extremely difficult and far away from their
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