Jp Morgan and Dodd-Frank Act

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Q. 1. What were the major factors that led to the recent financial crisis? How did we get here? Answer: One of the primary factors that can be attributed as to have led the recent financial crisis is the financial deregulation allowing financial institutions a lot of freedom in the way they operated. The manifestation of this was seen in the form of: a) Financial innovations that were not backed up with adequate risk controls and management. b) Too much reliance on Quantitative Risk Management ultimately leading to mispricing of risk across different financial and non-financial investments that were the product of the financial innovations made feasible by financial deregulation. c) The influx of liquidity both original…show more content…

The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 that defined the roles for commercial banks, investments banks and insurance firms was over ridden by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (1999) which repealed the provisions that restricted affiliations in financial institutions. Hence one solution is to overcome the incentive problem and the conflict of interests that arise when financial institutions simultaneously undertake financial activities of varied nature.

In addition to the above the internal incentive to bank should be reduced by requiring greater capital requirements as well as improving upon the definition of what qualifies to be capital. Further in line with the answer to question 3, risk management systems in financial institutions need to be redefined and strengthened to more comprehensively identify, evaluate, manage and monitor risks.

Yes we need to have some form of regulation. The proposed regulation is not bad as it covers most of the recommendations discussed in this write up earlier. It reinforces the regulatory role as outlined earlier and requires improving the capital requirements as well as the risk management systems in place in financial institutions. At the same time the focus is mostly on large, complex financial institutions that have a systematic impact so it allows some flexibility particularly for smaller and medium size financial institutions.

As for as the key points to consider, the regulation that is
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