Jp Morgan's Management Structure

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Management Structure of JP Morgan Chase & Co

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This report discusses management structures of enterprises, it includes three main parts:
First part is enterprise-investigation, we research JP Morgan Chase & Co., according to this corporation's development history and structures to analysis the relation between management structure and organization(how different structures effect JPM ocreate).
Second part is analysis four different management structures, we chose functional structure, product structure, gergraphic structure, customer structure, these are basic structure for a enterprise.
Third part is our recommendation, through
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This structure improve a business's flexibility and adaptability.
Ease of internal coordination, avoids too many management levels.
Each department has sense of competitive, this is in favour for development of business.
Giving full play to each employee's skills and can train management personnel.
For example, Investment bank(IB, a segment of JPM) has excellent president, and the stuffs are trained with regularity, this segment brings 99.1% revenue for the company.(as shown)
Geographic structure(see appendix 1)
Respond more appropriately needs & requirements.
Reducing competition b/w areas of the business.
For example, the JP Morgan Chase Co.'s Asian and Pacific headquarter is in Hong Kong, and they has placed first among the similar enterprises.
Customer structure(see appendix 2)
This is almost same to division structure. Each department based on customers' need, and provides pertinency services.
For example, customers can choose Investment Bank (IB), Commercial Banking (CB), Treasury & Securities Services (TSS) and Asset Management (AM) segments,the Retail Financial Services (RFS) and Card Services & Auto (Card).
The shortages of these structures
Divisional structure
Organizational overlapping, more expenses for managers.
Mutual coordination between different sectors of the difficulties.
Solving questions from their department.
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