Juan Vasquez De Coronado: Salanca, Spanish

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Coronado was born in Salamanca, Spain, as a son of wealthy Juan Vásquez de Coronado y Sosa de Ulloa and Isabel de Luján Juan Vásquez. After spending 25 years with his family, Coronado finally set to seas with the son of his father's patron, Antonio de Mendoza. After they reached Mexico, Coronado married Beatriz de Estrada, with whom he had eight children. During his early life he managed to conquer the area of Kingdom of Nueva Galicia (todays northwest of Mexico). It was during that time that he sent Friar Marcos de Niza into expedition north (into today's New Mexico), who came back to Coronado bringing the stories of a wealthy city, created from gold, sitting on a hill that overlooked pacific ocean.

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