Juana La Virgen Essay

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I could relate to Juana because she was young like me and my family including my baby daddy were at loggerheads with me and this made me very depressed because I didn’t have anyone to break bread with. The only thing that kept me going was the foetus inside me and Juana La Virgen’s story. On that faithful night around 08:15 during my 32nd week, I was watching Juana La Virgin and the moment someone pushed her on the stairway, my heart skipped a beat because she was also with child. I immediately felt the urge to pee, I returned to my seat only to feel the same way again. This occurred severally and I started to wonder what was happening to me. At the next urge to pee, I took a small cup and peed into it so I could examine the thing well because it was…show more content…
She asked a nurse to fetch the doctor from his quarters which is on the same compound as the hospital. His wife, also a doctor arrived instead. She put on gloves, pushed her right hand into my vagina and all I could feel was twists and turns which was very painful. The midwife a family friend walked close to me and said in Ewe, Mawunyo remember what I told you on your last antenatal visit. You have to be strong because this is an adult’s thing and most of them don’t even make it back home not to talk of a little girl like you. It is very painful so be warned. Her words sent shivers down my spine and I tried my best to hold back my tears and screams. All I could do was pray to God to give me the strength to push through. The doctor made a phone call and her husband came rushing in. They spoke in Japanese for a while and he slipped on his gloves. He also shoved his hand inside me and explained to me that my water broke prematurely and there was too much water hence the baby’s heart rate was dropping but it was ready to come out. Frodo Baggins said that a wizard is never late nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means
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