Jubilee Justus Report

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On May 3, Jubilee, Justus and I will be traveling to Korea for three weeks, in handcuffs. Ever since I broke the news, Justus has been proselytizing to his classmates about having fun in Korea -- theme parks, toy shopping, and the whole shebang. His enthusiasm has prompted his teacher to plan a farewell party for him, taking the opportunity to educate the class on the Korean culture and society. I am equally elated about the trip, especially the prospect of trying different types of deliriously tasty food. Exploring the cities I have not yet visited is also part of the plan, which includes a two-and-a-half hour flight to Taiwan, an island roughly the size of West Virginia where I had spent part of my childhood from age nine to twelve.…show more content…
It also feels both familiar and foreign. Part of the enjoyment comes from my familiarity with the Korean society and culture. I also enjoy Korea’s high-tech public transportation, which makes traveling in Korea super easy. I plan to take full advantage of their efficient transit system to take excursions to the places I’ve been meaning to visit.

Visiting Korea, however, can also be baffling at times, mainly because I’ve long forgotten some of the cultural nuances. Years ago, for instance, while saying “hello,” I made a gesture of a slight bow to an older family friend. The problem was that I forgot to take my hat off (this is acceptable among peers but not when bowing to elders). Thankfully, no one gave me an icy stare. On another occasion, my uncle tried to hold my hand in public. In that instant, I became nauseated. Before he tried to grab my hand I quickly escaped into a convenience store while mumbling something about how thirsty I
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