Jubilee Park Community Center: A Case Study

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The Jubilee Park Community Center was founded in 1997 with collaboration of three organizations as Saint Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, Habitat for Humanity, and
AmeriCorps. The center is a comprehensive revitalization and educational in the Southeast neighborhood Dallas area. The Jubilee center has an emphasis on the education of children on their early stages and adults. The center offers to the neighborhood more services as: Health, Safety. Economic Development, and Housing projects. The suburb area benefits receiving all these services that would improve more their neighborhoods and growing better quality environment for growing alternatives options to the children.

2.2 Location

The community program covers a 62 block neighborhood area bounded by I-30 freeway,
East Grand Ave and Fair Park few minutes from the Dallas Downtown area. The Jubilee Park is formed by 14 staff members that have the responsibility of conducting the center and more than
800 volunteers that provide services and education to over 1100 individuals. The facility operates on a multi building campus that covers all the different services that are giving for the community.

2.3 Services

The center provides other services to the neighborhood as health education and nutrition to children and adults, the resource center located in the
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Jubilee is partner with Dallas Roberts Elementary School,Dallas Community Colleges, Head Start, and City of Dallas. The center will like more help from more organizations or businesses because that is what keeps Jubilee running. The Jubilee Center wants to stay ahead with technology and a big variety of book library to help the children’s literacy more and keep them out of drugs and gangs. Everyday more private and public organization want to join forces and contribute in helping this type of non-profit governmental
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