Juche Ideology and Religion

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Juche Ideology and Religion Juche is a Communist led and sponsored religion in North Korea made up of a mixture of ideology, philosophy, and religion for over 22,000,000 people, most of which are North Koreans, as stated by John Chin of the Religion-Info website (Chin). Juche is practiced, mandatorily, in North Korea by their government leader Kim Jong-Il, and is more of a social ideology instead of an actual religion. Although, the only way this ideology is promoted as a religion is by the way that Juche adopted some of the Confucius ideas. John Chin also states the ideas of Juche following only one “Great Leader”, and secondly that the Korean Worker's Party revolution belongs to the people (Chin). Then later the idea of self-reliance…show more content…
Juche ideology made by Kim Il-Sung also led to the idea that there would be an abolishment of the social classes. Il-Sung stated that only with the establishment of communism, in which there would be no competing classes- the working class having taken control of the means of production- would contradictions disappear. If this dissolve of social classes is so important in the Juche beliefs then Kim Il-Sung should not have made the idea that the Korean Worker’s Party was so important. I am sure that Il-Sung is using the Juche ideology to control the people of Korea because if the absolving of social classes is so important then the idea that the Korean Worker’s Party belonging to the people would no longer be applicable to the ideology of Juche beliefs. Making the Korean Worker’s Party an important part of Juche ideals goes completely against the belief of having social classes become absolved because if the working class is so important then how could the Korean working social class still be important. Il-Sung made a mistake in adopting the idea that the Korean Worker’s Party as being so important while also saying that the social classes will be absolved. Now, the closest that Juche comes to being a religion is by how some beliefs of Confucianism are adopted. The ideas that are adopted are family values, material possessions, and self-sacrifice. The adoption of family values in that the family is important in society does

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