Judaism And Islam : Abrahamic Religions Essay

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Kristianne Mulkey
PHIL 301-001
Philosophy of Religion
Judaism & Islam
Abrahamic Religions/Religions of the Book
It may be common to think of each religion as something completely separate from every other religion, however, this is far from true. In a similar way that Buddhism evolved from the previously established Hinduism, there are three “Abrahamic Religions” that are said to stem from the patriarch Abraham: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
The three (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) are also regarded as “religions of the book” since they all consider the Old Testament of the Bible to be holy writ. Judaism only recognize the Old Testament. Christianity recognizes the Old Testament and the New Testament. Islam recognizes the Old and New Testaments along with the Koran (also spelled “Quran” or “Qur’an”) to be holy documents that add to and correct the previous with each new archive, though each in itself is holy.
The idea of Christianity and the beliefs behind it are constantly changing and varying since there are thousands of denominations of Christianity which can believe in and practice completely different things. This being considered, focusing on mainly Judaism and Islam will be a more achievable task in this paper.
The Western world is more ignorant about Islam and misunderstands it more than any of the three Abrahamic religions. This is strongly due to misinformation along with radical practices showing up on the news, in movies and in books. Since Islam has some
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