Judaism, Christianity, And Islam

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The world is made of three major religious traditions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Judaism is the oldest monotheistic religion dating back to 2000 B.C.E. Monotheism is the belief in one all-powerful personal deity who created, sustains, and will judge the cosmos. This belief confirms that Jews worship one God. Often this God is beyond our ability to comprehend, but God is nevertheless present in our everyday lives.
Judaism, Christianity and Islam are also grouped together as the Abrahamic religions, for in their sacred text they each claim descent from one common ancestor, Abraham, who was called by God to renounce the worship of other gods and live by faith in the one true God.
As for Judaism being classified as an Abrahamic religion, shows that religions although different, share characteristics of others. In Christianity, throughout the sacred book, the Holy Bible, are many stories of Abraham, his family and followers. Judaism is a tradition grounded in the religious, ethical and social laws as they are articulated in the Torah. Jews refer to the Bible as the Tanak, an acronym formed from the first letters of the three sections of the text in Hebrew, Torah (law), Nevi’im (prophets) and Kerhuvi’im (writings). Other sacred texts include the Talmud and Midrash, the rabbinic, legal and narrative interpretations of the Torah. These Scriptures also form the Old Testament of the Christian Bible.
The relationships Jews have with human nature and their being is in order to be
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