Judaism, Christianity, And Islam

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Religions are not only based on worshipping God, instead, they reflect a complete way of life. The followers of any religion, either it is Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, are bound to follow a certain way of life which helps them to distinguish between good and the bad deeds. It is a fact that no religion teaches or promotes any destruction or the tyranny, instead, every religion shares the lesson and teachings of peace and humanity. In our research paper, we have tried to compare and contrast an analysis of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The basic purpose of our research is to understand that what are the common elements of the mentioned religions and what are the points of differences. We have tried to create the compare and contrast under the light of researcher studies, through which we came to know that by understanding the differences, we can analyze that why someone is a Jew, Christian or a Muslim. Moreover, by understanding the similarities among these religions, we will be able to respect each other by sharing the common faiths, which can lead to spread the peace in the world. Introduction Religion is something which is defined by various historians through very diverse ways, however, if we combine various concepts and generate a single definition of religion, so we can define it as a faith and belief in God, which includes worshiping of God, submitting oneself to the will of God and following the specified direction which God has chosen for us. The concept
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