Judaism, Christianity And Islam

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Judaism, Christianity and Islam do have an inherent thread of violence woven into the fabric of their ideation and scriptures. They do have an inherent thread because of we have seen so much violence that has been caused because of religion. Many times people are offended by others’ belief, which can cause violence due to the different perspectives. Furthermore, these religions get very protective of their beliefs, if you believe something, there must be reasons for your beliefs. Therefore, no violence should rise when someone disagrees, they should stay true to their beliefs and not cause violence to rise when someone disagrees with their views. Monotheistic people often don’t act up on the violence thread in their religion although it is often called by monotheism cultivated intolerance. Since monotheist believe that there is only one way to worship and acknowledge God, they are very closed minded. Although there are no rights in the monotheistic system, dissents, heresy, error, the odd view, blasphemy, should be considered malevolent and intolerable. Someone shouldn’t take it to heart when someone says something negative about your religion. The state and religion should be separated, just the same way that religion and the government should be separated. Although the government seems to have a test that is unconsciously made by its people. Monotheists who have performed violent acts in the name of God not tapped into a genuine and authentic strain of violence within

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