Judaism, Christianity and Islam: The Three Oldest Religions are Based on Faith and Commitment

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Religion in all aspects is based on faith and commitment. It starts with a faith that people have in something that they have not seen. I have always wondered about the faith people show for their religion. No matter what is happening they stay strong in whatever it is that they believe in. Humans have come a long way from the beginning of time when it comes to forming religions. There are so many different kinds of religions out there in this world right now. And all those religions come from some kind of faith and are based on a faith that emerged through something or someone. There are people out there in this time that are dying and killing for their faith. There are some religions that are based on the same roots but are called known…show more content…
Judaism, the original religion of Abraham, is the oldest of the three religions. Their faith is that “The Messiah” is yet to come and hasn’t come yet. They do not believe in Jesus for being the messiah. For the past 2000 years the Jews have been rejecting Jesus as the messiah for just one reason, their faith in the messiah. They do not believe that the Jesus has done the things they were told their messiah would do. I have learned from the readings that I have done that up to this date the Jews are still waiting for their messiah. Jews still believe that their messiah is going to come and take them out of their misery and bring all the Jews together from all the other parts of the world. From my reading I have learned that the main reason Jews refuse to believe in Jesus as their messiah is that they say Jesus hasn’t done the things that were promised through the messiah, for example, bring all the Jews back together in the land of Israel from all over the world. Another belief they hold against Jesus is that, they believe messiah should have been from the family line of David on His father’s side, and Jesus was born through a virgin therefore has no father. These beliefs along with other belief are the difference between Judaism and Christianity. The main reason the two religions differ and are called by two different names today even though had emerged from the same root is Jesus, the disbelief of the Jews in

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