Essay on Judaism

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Bar Mitzvah & Bah Mitzvah’s Compared to Confirmation Catholic and Judaism are considered opposite religions, yet they share very similar rituals and ceremonies. A Catholic child typically around twelve or thirteen years old goes through their confirmation. This is a ceremony where the young adult promises to follow with the religion and continue to learn about the faith. In the Jewish faith when a girl is twelve and a boy is thirteen they celebrate their Bah Mitzvah if they are a girl or Bar Mitzvah if they are a boy. This ceremony is also when the young adult promises to follow their religion and stay close to and learn more about their faith. The definition of a Catholic Confirmation is “a rite administered to baptized persons, in…show more content…
A Bar Mitzvah or Bah Mitzvah is celebrated in a similar manor to the Catholic Confirmation. During a Jewish Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah the child that is “becoming of age” reads from the Torah in front of the Sabbath congregation, they say prayers and read other readings. After the ceremony at the synagogue the whole family gathers to congratulate the young adult who just took their own step into the faith of Judaism. At these parties a lot of food is served, the person who just had their Bah/Bar Mitzvah receives their gifts. There is no religious aspect to the after party of the ceremony at the synagogue so anything can take place during the party and it can have a theme to make it more entertaining for the guests. These two religions have celebrated these ceremonies for centuries and both religions continue to today. Even though the religions beliefs conflict with each other it is no secret that they are very similar in a lot of ways. The Confirmation ceremony and the Bah /Bat Mitzvah ceremonies are a perfect example of this. They are celebrated almost the same but Catholic’s now do confirmation with groups and Jews’ still have individual Bar/Bah Mitzvah’s. Besides that one difference the ceremonies are both pretty much the same. Both the ceremonies are for the young adult to admit to the congregation that they will continue to follow in the faith. Both ceremonies require readings and prayers performed by
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