Judaism : The Religion Of The Jewish People

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Eliza Snape Wednesday, September 3rd 2014. Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people. It is a monotheistic religion meaning that the Jews believe in one, all powerful God. Jewish people were among the first convicts and settlers to Australia. Over many years the Jewish population in Australia grew making Judaism a more popular and known practiced religion in Australia. Judaism is a minority religion making up for around 0.3% of the Australian population. In the 2011 census 97, 335 Australians identified as Jewish with 90% of these Australians living in Sydney and Melbourne. There are four main types of Judaism practiced in Australia and all around the world. Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and Hasidic Judaism. All types of Judaism are welcomed, practiced and celebrated in Australian society however to this day about 70% of synagogues in Australia are recognized as Orthodox. Until the 1930s every synagogue in Australia was recognized as Orthodox and consequently the Jewish Orthodox community became better known. Orthodox Judaism has been said to be the most traditional expression of modern Judaism in today’s society. However they hold strongly to the literal meaning of the book of Genesis, the creation story and the words of the Torah and they portray this in their daily activities, celebrations and sacred times. Orthodox Jews strictly follow the dietary and dress-code laws laid out to them in the words of the Torah because they strictly

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