Judaism Vs Christianity Essay

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Judaism and Christianity is a monotheistic religion. "Judaism is a diverse tradition associated with the Jewish people", and Jesus is a Jew. Many people insist Judaism is the foundation of Christianity because Christianity originated from Judaism (when God showed himself to Abraham and Moses), but not an expansion of Judaism. This two religions, both refer to Jesus Christ, even though his role in each religion differs. The Jews refer to God as Yahweh (“I am who I am”) while the Christians refer to him as God. They have the same origin, believe that Abraham was the father of faith and Moses received the Ten Commandments. Both religions relate in faith and the scripture they share, but as much as they associate, they also have differences. The…show more content…
Both religions observe the Sabbath worship, but, the days this worship takes place are different. Jews observe the Sabbath worship on Saturday, which the Rabbi leads and the Christians observe theirs on Sunday which the priest or minister leads. Only men are required to attend the Sabbath worship by the Jews because they believe women take care of other responsibilities. The Christian Sabbath worship allows both men and women to participate. Both religions believe in the concepts of helping the helpless, promoting harmony and family ethics (Siev et al. 830). Both religions believe sin has a consequence and in exchange, God promised to give eternal life, protect and prosper them if they believe and obey his Commandments given by Moses. In conclusion, Christians see God as one person in three persons while the Jews view God as one person. Both Christianity and Judaism have the same origin based on Abraham. The difference came when the Jews did not believe Jesus because He was not the expected Messiah. Christianity is the religion of most people. They believe in Jesus being the son of God and their savior. To sum this up, both religions believe in one God, share the Old Testament, and belief in life after death, heaven and hell. They observe different holiday days such as Lent, Easter, Yom Kippur, and share various prophet’s
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