Judaism 's Views On Judaism

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First of all, before I begin with my research on Judaism, I did not consider that the Jews only believes in God. I thought that they accepted every word from the bible and that even though they have a Jewish calendar and different practices, that the bible that I use was quite similar with them with both Old Testament and New Testament. I knew that Judaism was the one of the oldest religions in the world that still exists today and was recorded in the bible. I had no indication that tells me that they observed different traditions and there are different branches of Judaism. I also thought that Judaism was Christianity. Both believe in God, (monotheism) the only God almighty, the one who created the universe, and because both shared the Hebrew Scriptures. I also thought that all Jewish men have beard and lovely hair. I thought that males were black hat and black coat at all times on Shabbath Other things that I expect was that some of the holidays that Christianity celebrates, the Jews also celebrates it like Passover, palm Sundays, Easter. Since my religion is closed to the Judaism faith practices, I thought that they performs a foot washing ceremony before communion and that they gather on the Sabbath which is Saturday for worship. I also assumed that not all Jews, but certain Jews kept the kosher. I also thought that all men covered their heads and during worship or in the temple women were to cover their heads.
What I found out is quite different then…
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