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Don't Judge by a Cover

I've always been the type of puzzle piece to the wrong puzzle that never fits in. Trial and error with many cliches has left me without friends, but only acquaintances that I'm worthless to. Being shy and quiet in public has definitely shaped my life; my social anxiety was taking over more and more every day. What I was dreading the entirety of summer and started only three months after it ended finally arrived; a new school year. It felt like I was always the new kid, getting the looks of judgement and hate. I never understood why it was amusing for kids to pick on others for the way they look, act, or simply without a reason. They don't think about how it feels to be bullied, but only the feeling of bullying others. Bullies must feel satisfied to watch their schoolmates suffer because of something they said to upset the victim. New students must have it worse than I've experienced, and he sure did.

The school announced the second week into the school year that there was a couple new students attending, and reported
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She called her friends, parents of other students I didn't get along with, and warns them about this boy and how he may have HIV. The other parents must've been ten times as worried as mine. They went to the administration at school and told the principal that they didn't want their child catching ”’the plague”’. I wasn't worried about e other kids catching it, because I didn't believe he had anything wrong with him. The gossip girls always talked about a rash on his neck, a symptom of HIV, but I never saw it with my own eyes, so I didn't believe. I was more concerned with the school kicking him out in fear of the problem spreading, or the gossip getting around. It was a long while before I saw him in class again. I always looked to his seat in the back, but no sign of him
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