Judge Jury, And Executioner Is A Revenge Thriller

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JUDGE, JURY, AND EXECUTIONER is a revenge thriller. The story centers on a grieving detective and her investigation of a young woman’s murder. The script is driven by the theme of justice.
The initial goal is clear and the stakes are life and death. The script presents with some intriguing and complex characters. The concept of investigating a murder and revenge is not new to the industry, but it’s a tried and true premise.
The tone is dramatic and the script offers an intriguing twist at the end. While the script definitely features some solid elements, the script would also benefit from more development.
One of the first concerns to discuss is identifying the true protagonist. Initially, when the script begins one thinks it’s Amy story, but when she quickly killed, one thinks it’s Danny story. However, it’s really Claire O’Brien’s story. Consider introducing O’Brien before the murder.
The inciting event is the murder of Amy. It’s nicely foreshadowed and adds some suspense. The catalyst is the acquittal of Lee and then his murder. This propels the story forward.
The second act initially focuses on the investigation of Lee’s death. However, in the third act, the goal changes from investigating murder to the detective setting up the suspect and wanting him to commit another murder.
In addition, the credibility of the events is questionable. First, the idea that they arrest Lee’s mother doesn’t feel plausible. They have an anonymous witness and no physical evidence.

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