Judge Trady Irac

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Q2 The second matter that you wanted me to comment on is one with regard to a judge of the District Court by the name of Judge Tardy.
The concerns that are to be decided in this case involve:
- And the misconduct of the Judge and the head of the District Court
- The competencies of the Judicial Conduct Commissioner
- Confidentiality of the identity of complainant

Two allegations against Judge Trady were made, one by Mrs Defarge, it was made in a phone call, and one is a rumours heard by you. In accordance to s12(4) of the Act, the complaint should be made in writing by the complainant, however s12(7) confer you the power to act, specified as follow: the commissioner may, on his or her own initiative, treat as a complaint any matters concerning the conduct of a judicial officer and under s12(4) the Commissioner may determine to deal with a series of complaints relating to a particular judicial officer as if they were a single complaint , therefore you can handle the two allegations together. You should draft a letter to the head of the jurisdiction
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Mrs Defarge requested to keep her identity confidential, s30 specified that no obligation to maintain secrecy or other restriction on the disclosure of information applies for the purposes of a complaint under this Act, except an obligation or restriction designed to keep the identity of an informant secret. The Act explicitly protect the identity an informant secret, and Mrs Defarge is an
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