Judged by Clothing

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Jeannie Welch English 101 Judged by Clothing A person is always judged by the clothing they wear. Have you ever felt as if you were underdressed or overdressed? If you have experienced this feeling, it gives you a sense of that you don’t belong. The way we dress is a big part of how society views or judges us. In a room full of people if you were to see everyone in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and there was one person that had on a fancy dress and nice shoes that person would automatically be the one that everyone looks at and will judge. Everyone has judged a person this way and will continue to do so, it’s just human nature. Sad but true. In this day and age we have several ways to judge a person by their appearance. If a young…show more content…
I was just as smart, qualified and even as energetic as they were. Could it have been that I was overweight, the way I wore my hair and makeup, or just by my clothing? I could not answer my questions and had to assume or hope that it was just because I was not as qualified. For seven years I was a manager at subway. Everyone knows subway is known for their healthy and delicious sandwiches. I often wondered why we had to wear the uniforms that subway franchise required us to wear. I got to wear a slightly different color shirt than the others only so people would know that I was the manager. Still we had to wear the same color pants, shoes and even a hat. I presume that it was because there would be less judgment among each other if we looked so similar. There would be no reason to talk about one another because “The clothes are part of judgment of the mind” (Signs of Life in the U.S.A. p. 140). I was also a manager of Mancino’s pizza and grinders for about 3 years, with a less strict uniform policy. In this restaurant you could wear whatever you wanted to as long as you wore their t-shirt. This caused a lot of tension and talk amongst employees, because there is always that one or in some cases a few people that will dress a little promiscuous and it may be offensive to others in one way or another. Not only was it offensive to other employees but also to customers. That was one of the hardest environments to work in. There was
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