Judges and Ruth Essay

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Contrast the moral and responsible behavior of the Israelites between Judges 16-19 and Ruth 1-4 Even though God’s people are unfaithful to him, he would still be faithful to them. In the book of Judges there are twelve individuals who are considered saviors. They save their own tribes or a number of tribes from these invaders or tribes that were not intended to be in control of Canaan. However, the Israelites allowed them to control those sections of Canaan. Those that delivered the Israelites were called Judges, meaning they delivered the Israelites from their oppressors. In Judges Chapter 16, Samson is an example of a person who was initially faithful and obeyed God and was a savior and deliverer of Israel. He became unfaithful to…show more content…
A group of homosexual men require the man to come with them in order to have sexual relations with him; however, the concubine is offered up instead. The men then proceed to rape the concubine and her dead body is placed upon the doorstep. Her husband then dismembers her body and sends her parts all over Israel in order to exonerate himself and his sin. Therefore the Gibeahans in relation to the primary commission were found not be subduing their land fairly due to sexual perversion, sexual ethics, stealing, idolatry and murder. Because Israel had no king, everybody did what they considered to be right in their own eyes. Israelites are found to be sinking into their own interests according to relativism and doing whatever they believe based upon not having a king. Ruth expresses an example of faithfulness through her immigration. Ruth is originally from Moab and marries Noami’s son who eventually dies. One daughter-in-law remained in Moab while Ruth decides to return to Israel with Naomi and become a part of the Israel nation. Naomi and Ruth are both considered widows in which makes them an example of the weak to whom justice should be dealt. Ruth gleans in the fields in order to make a living to care for her and
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