Judges, are they politicians in disguise? (40) Essay

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US Supreme Court justices are politicians in disguise, discuss. The role of the Supreme Court is to interpret the constitution and to apply these interpretations to legislation that has been made by Congress as to avoid them from making unconstitutional law. In doing so this is called judicial review in which the Supreme Court takes an active role in intervening in politics. If a law is suggested as being unconstitutional the Supreme Court will either accept or decline and if they accept, this will result in the judiciary then looking at the case and determining whether or not the accusation is true or if the question is entitled to make a claim. In some instances this can be taken too far by the court and they can intervene and end…show more content…
The Supreme Court, an unelected body concerning the electorate (they are voted in by Congress), has just chosen the president of the United States, the most powerful man in the world has just been chosen by nine unelected judges who were slightly conservative; this is very politically active and this would indeed support the notion that judges are politicians in disguise. We then find more cases of when the Supreme Court has intervened on certain statute laws; such is the case of Brown vs. Board which is when the Supreme Court ruled that the segregation of schools is unconstitutional. This is an example of the Judges intervening on a very split matter yet, being able to get it right and when judicial activism was used correctly and they have fulfilled their job expectation. This was better as it protects the minorities from the government and gives the same equal rights as everyone else, which are shown in the 14th amendment, showing that the Supreme Court was acting correctly and defending the amendments of the constitution. Another case which is quite similar is the case of Roe vs. Wade, however this is slightly different in that it does not state anywhere in the constitution that abortion is allowed or disallowed, however the Supreme court interpreted the 4th amendment as saying everyone has the right to privacy and in turn that

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