Judgment Paper

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Judgment is the essence of effective leadership. Consistently making judgments is the most critical thing for a leader to do within an organization. Without good leadership, poor judgment arises. Leaders who consistently show poor judgment mostly fail, even with high education or positive skills he or she may have. Noel Tichy and Warren Bennis shows his audiences the definition of judgment and the leadership judgment process and provide real examples of leaders using terrific and also unskillful judgment calls in various situations. This book breaks into different categories in showing examples of how people make judgment calls through tough times. It is full of compelling stuff that is enriched by a subtle attention to even good decisions…show more content…
Many people have personal judgments between each other and are affected by their emotional or dislikes of leaders. Gilmartin might be a wise man, but because he was not respected as the company’s CEO due to his inexperience in this industry, his workers did not work together to achieve their goals. As a effective leader, he or she must manage his teams correctly and avoid any political forces in an organization. Strategy is the next domain that with bad judgment it could lead to a fatal outcome. The role of the leader is to lead the organization to success and when the current strategic road is not leading toward success then it is the leader’s job to find a new path. There are two functions that show how well a leader can make strategic judgment calls; first is his or her own ability to look over the horizon and frame the right question and second the people with whom he or she chooses to interact with. For instance, Jack Welch is the CEO of General Electric and he ultimately created his famous “#1, #2, fix, close or sell strategy”. Welch believed that the only way General Electric was going to succeed was to do business with only the number one or number two in their industries. With Welch watching the company for over twenty years, he was intentionally looking for their markets that were number one and number two that they have missed good opportunities. Since General Electric was too focused in one situation, Welch made all business head redefine their
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