Judgment of Paris

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Judgment of Paris – Leonard Merrick
Two actors from Paris, Robichon and Quinquart, fall in love with a woman, their co-star on stage. The trouble is, the lady loves both the men! Finally she devised a plan - she would marry the one whom the Parisians awarded the best actor title. How will they judge the two actors?

Robichon and Quinquart were two comedy actors in Paris and Suzanne was a beautiful actress in their troupe.
The two actors loved Suzanne and Suzanne loves the two of them alike.
When she was pressed from both the sides, Suzanne had to agree to marry one and consider the other as friend. (I wonder, who made it a law that one should marry only one!)
Suzanne leaves the decision to the Paris audience. Whomever the audience
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2. What does Jacques Roux refer to the ‘only speaking part’ that he had ever played?
Jacques Roux was an ex-executioner. While he was an executioner, he never had a speaking part to do. All he had to do was to see the guillotine blade killed the convict in the best way, without a word. As he resigned from his profession for the horror of it, he was now aiming the stage to tell the world of the horror of capital punishment, the only speaking part in his life.
3. Why did Robichon take an acute interest in Jacques Roux’s case?
On listening to Jacques Roux’s story and his intentions in life, Robichon thought of performing his story as to prove his acting skills for marrying Bruette.

1. Why do you think that Robichon and Quinquart were the best of actors?Robichon and Quinquart were the most loved comedians of Paris. Their very presence on the stage made the audience fall with laughter. When the fat Robichon merely opened his mouth, people started laughing and when the skinny Quinquart remained silent, the audience could not stop laughing.
2. Why did Robichon and Quinquart plague Miss Brouette? How did she solve this crisis?
Both Robichon and Quinquart loved Miss Suzanne Brouette as she loved them, flirted with them and had passion for them. But when she was asked to choose one of them as her husband, she could not take a decision. She solved this crisis by asking them to prove their skills on the stage and be judged by the Paris audience.
3. What were the

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