Judicial Corruption

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I don’t support the idea of electing judges based on political parties. This is unethical since the judges elected into office based on party grounds are more likely to favor their parties in most issues and sideline what is antiparty even though it may seem to be right. The idea of being partisan comes in which in turn paves the way for corruption. In most cases the judges may be incompetent due to blind elections based on party in favor other than one’s ability, experience and credibility. As explained by Maxwell et. al, in the state of Texas, the public has a negative perception of the justice system. Many judges are biased, untrained in the law or are rather ignorant, and quite often incompetent (Maxwell et. al, 207). One of the reasons…show more content…
However, this is not what is always seen in the Texas judicial system. According to Maxwell et. al, some minority groups are arrested and judged in larger numbers compared to others for the same crimes. The majority of those arrested are African Americans. According to Maxwell et. al, it is evident that the detention is based on prejudice by the law enforcement officers while statistics suggest that such a minority group does commit a less share of violent crimes (Maxwell et. al, 228). A good example where discrimination is seen is Timothy Brian Cole’s case. Timothy was Army veteran studying business at Texas Tech in 1985. He died in a Texas prison in 1999 while serving a 25-year sentence for a rape he didn’t commit. Despite the fact that evidence proved timothy’s innocence of the crime, the judge dismissed the evidence and imprisoned him for 25 years. Some of the evidence testified against Timothy did not match with truth about him. For example, Timothy was a non-smoker, his DNA differed with the specimens collected from the rape scene, and eyewitnesses testified that he was studying at home where his brother was playing cards. However, despite the much evidence that proved him innocent, the judge relied on the victim’s testimony which itself did not match with the…show more content…
Available evidence as explained in an article by Sara Mosle of 30th October 3005, proves that the arrest was based on inconsistent testimony given by the single undercover officer. The officer who testified himself, as described by his former employers, possibly had mental problems and had even been arrested for the possibility of stealing at his previous job (Sarah Mosle). The evidence provided hard no voice recording, no video recording, and no proof of drug purchased. Injustice based on discrimination I s seen when the judge imprisons the accused up to a length serving 90 years in prison without sufficient evidence. This show how biased the Texas judiciary can be. Imprisoning people without sufficient evidence is a form of biases. The law is clear that there must be sufficient evidence beyond reasonable doubt before passing judges against a suspect, or else individuals should be set free by the lack of enough prove to pass judges
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