Essay on Judicial Corruption in the United States

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The problem of judicial corruption in United States is immense. The Sixth Amendment in the United States Bill of Rights refers to the right to a speedy, fair and public trial. Unfortunately, our judicial system does not always maintain these rights. The United States judicial system is very corrupt and most of our country’s citizens do not know how corrupt it actually is. When thinking about the judicial system, words that come to mind are justice, morality, and fairness. Sadly, these words are not accurate descriptions of this system. Correct depictions of today’s judicial system are corruption, rigged courts, extortion, and phony trials. Our legal system does not bring truth or justice to our courtrooms. Overcoming this corruption is not…show more content…
After filing a complaint with them that includes a sound argument about how you have been done wrong, they will hastily send you a letter back denying that there is any action that can be taken against who your claim is about (Sachs). The reason for this is that the lawyers in America are under direct supervision of the judges, not other lawyers. The Bar is a government body that it is controlled by the judges. So, the complaints that you are making are being sent to the same judges who are involved with the “crooked lawyers” (Sachs). With all of the corruption occurring in the United States judicial system one would think that the police would have caught onto it by now. Contrary to belief the police are not out there fighting against the injustices of the country; half the time they are behind all of it. A criminal complaint cannot be brought against a lawyer unless approved by a magistrate or other public official approves of prosecuting your accusations (Sachs). This can be attempted but most have no interest in going after lawyers or judges and they will simply hand your evidence (that clearly shows injustice) back to you. The lawyers, the judges and the police have a “mutual backscratching” set up to where all three have immunity to getting caught because they are all wiping away each other’s shoeprints, and
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