Judicial Demand: The Dying World of Corina Conner Essay examples

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Freedom became nothing but a word with a definition completely meaningless to the people who lived in the desolate land once known as America. Tainted and inhospitable to life by nuclear and physical warfare, this region known as the promised land became nothing by death. The world stood at a teetering point where life eased closer and closer to breathlessness. Corina Connor lived in a dying world, and at age six she recognized it. In the year 2030 a missile soared over the eastern region of America and unleashed a powerful EMP that fried the electrical circuits and left the people there in sheer black. An act of terrorism, no doubt. During this momentary loss of power, other countries took advantage to bring down one of the largest…show more content…
Her parents were thieves, very talented in their trade of taking from the richer to get quick cash in a matter of hours. While they discussed business—especially in a bar—she'd listen in to the other conversations regarding the history of Sanctuary flowing about the room. Some bar patrons—drunken off bitter-tasting ale and hate toward the upper class—spread their opinions and ideas about how freedom would soon return to the region. They described in great detail what it meant: no more poverty; no more division. Her heart accepted these dreams easily, and she drafted the future where everything was perfect within the recesses of her youthful mind. Once she tried sharing her ideas with her father, but he only slapped the back of her head and said disapprovingly, “You can't waste time swallowed in your dreams. That's not gonna happen until we're dead, baby girl.” Corina tried to embrace these words, hoping it'd replace the aspirations searing inside, though never did she allow them in to crush her beyond repair. She endured through her father's verbal, and sometimes physical, abuse numerous times, but the only thing she considered as abuse was him shattering her dreams. Everything else she considered them as his way of affection, how these words and gestures would help her learn how to function properly in the real world. Since then she never spoke of them again. At eleven her father left the home, and that became a devastating time for Corina. She remembered
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