Judicial Precedent And The Decision Of Case Law

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Case law comes from the decisions by judges, but juries are not making the decision of case law. Otherwise, case law is collection of written decisions, which is covered and used in precedent for legal cases. Also, case was noted legal reason and argument . Law of case described in judicial precedent. Judicial precedent is source of law, which is based on the latin maxis. The latin maxim is “stare decisis et non quieta movere”, it means that stand by what has been decided and do not unsettle the established . Furthermore, in this essay will analyse the Judicial precedent and it has two meaning. First is process of judges who follow previously decided case. Next meaning is decided the law itself, which is precedent may expected on the future . Judicial precedent also divided into original precedent, binding precedents and persuasive precedents. In addition, in this essay, will analyse the judicial precedent, binding of judicial precedent, ratio decidendi, obiter dicta, advantage and disadvantage of this.

In brief history, until the thirteenth century the United Kingdom has a few statute of great useful and after that time, statute were changed into large confined matters to of Public law. At following the thirteenth century, when statute of law stayed important, the United Kingdom used language and which had acquired a precise meaning in judge made law. The court explained legal meaning of statute. Also, rule as to the interpretation of statute developed by the court . Legal
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